How To Look Business Casual

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You think  finding a wardrobe that will match your personal style and your business dress code is impossible? Well, it isn’t. Given the fact that even CEOs mix business outfits with casual items today, shows that nearly nothing is impossible when it comes to work clothing. It’s all about combining your pieces the right way and making the look personal and fun, yet sophisticated and formal. Here are some tips on how to get that business casual look!

Basic pieces for the office

  • Pleated Skirts – are a must and should be in every woman’ s closet.  For a business outfit, choose one in black. Not only does black flatter your figure, it also gives it a sophisticated, office touch and will blend well with other colours. If you’re a little thicker around the waist, I’d suggest you go with a high waisted skirt that falls loose instead of a pencil skirt. Choosing…

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Aren’t we all Cinderellas?

Concise Metal Decoration High Heels Ankle Boots

Work, stress, anxiety, worry, fear, deadlines, tight opportunities, treadmill. It seems, our modern world simply turned to be an established maze of neverending commitments and promises of a better future what has been given only a few. It is no wonder people more and more try to find different solutions to satisfy their inner needs, we are not mere robots, although, so often we are treated like that way.

In the fairy tale of Cinderella, there is a young woman, with right attitude and kind heart, caring to her environment, forgetting her own sadness with finding joy in helping others. Her environment changed in the years, more and more demands and less and less respect, love and care she received, yet, she remained humble. Her pure heart was the foundation for a rare good deed, secretly she could join to the ball in the palace. As she was dancing, she immersed herself into the happiness and let the pain go away from her heart. When she returned to her place, the once lady turned back to ever slave. Fortunately, the goodness, another kind and loving heart reached out for her, fortune was granted, internal and external happiness, a new life she had.

New Arrival Fashion Martin Boots 2013
New Arrival Fashion Martin Boots 2013

In our every day lives we are like Cinderella, a demanding and often unrighteous environment makes us to forget who we really are, cornering our once great desires, hopes and simplifying our joyful and happy moments, purposes in life. If we give up, we become slaves. However, Cinderella never gave up, she could nurture her true nature, and when the time -unexpectedly- arrived, she reached out for happiness. Wherever we are, whatever we work, there is still hope for the better future, and it is only up to us to live for it and reach out. And as the fairy tale ends, to say “yes” in the right moment.

Fancy Genuine Leather Flat Heels Closed-toes Women‘s Boots
Fancy Genuine Leather Flat Heels Closed-toes Women‘s Boots

So, be positive, keep in touch with your true selves, and since the weather is changing with the season, visit Dresswe’s cheap women boots, and hopefully, you will not loose the half of the pair. Or at least, your prince will see ankle boots online for women on Dresswe.

It is always good to be surprised and receive love, kindness, respect and care. Stay tuned!

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What Colors You Should—And Shouldn’t—Wear To a Job Interview


So you’ve accomplished the hard part—you’ve landed the job interview—and now you’re freaking out because you have no idea what to wear. You’ve heard the standard advice: Dress for the industry in which you’re interviewing (there’s a big difference between a job at a white-shoe law firm and a tech startup, and your clothes should reflect that), don’t wear anything too fashion forward (you want to be the star of the interview, not your handbag) and, above all else, don’t you dare wear something sloppy or better suited for a night of cocktails with your friends than a serious job interview. But, there’s actually another concern to add to the mix, and that’s color.

CareerBuilder and Harris Interactive conducted a study, polling hiring managers and human resource professionals across industries and company sizes, asking the simple question, what’s the best color to wear to a job interview? Blue was the most recommended color, while…

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Connecting to People by Appreciating Yourself

Luxurious Sexy Column Beading Lace Zipper-Up Cocktail Dress

As the autumn is passing by, the weather is colder and colder outside, it is just natural to spend more and more time indoor. Obviously, most of us work a lot and need a change, energizing ourselves. Watching a good film or your favourite tv-series can be good and quite often we do it, however, there are way too many better ways to spend our leisure time. Interestingly, one of them can be seen regularly in the films, going out, dancing, having a cocktail in a beautiful dress and list just goes on and on.

Charming Sheath One Shoulder Beading Ruffles Short-Length Cocktail Dress
Charming Sheath One Shoulder Beading Ruffles Short-Length Cocktail Dress

We all long for appreciation, be in the center a little bit more and basically, looking into the mirror and like what we see there, attractive, beautiful, shining. Everybody needs encouragement. Although, our lives are in a rush, we tend to neglect, to forget our human relationships, we need connection. We are interlinked, and that is the real life, to be among and with people.

Maybe we do not know at first how to do it. Even the smartest, prettiest and kindest can be clumsy connecting to others if he or she isolated himself / herself for a while in work. It is just too much stress, and we are looking for an instant change, a simple way out, just to stop the spinning wheel for a few hours. Great news, we can.

Stunning Sheath Short mini Spaghetti Straps Beading Criss-Cross Cocktail Dress
Stunning Sheath Short mini Spaghetti Straps Beading Criss-Cross Cocktail Dress

Although, the hiking period is over, the parties just started indoor. There are bars where we can have a normal chat with friends, a club where we can enjoy others’ company and feel the music… Certainly, we need something else to wear. Rather than jeans and sweater, rather than smart clothes, there are cute cocktail dresses, 2015 models at Dresswe – for reasonable prices. We can afford to spend time with our inner self, we can afford to spend time with others, we can afford to reach out and we can afford to dress with appreaciation towards ourselves… If your need a clue for the latter one, just see cocktail dresses 2015 for women of Dresswe.

And never forget, you are worthy. Appreciating yourself you can easily connect and find the energizing hours of life.

Luxurious Sexy Column Beading Lace Zipper-Up Cocktail Dress
Luxurious Sexy Column Beading Lace Zipper-Up Cocktail Dress

4 Autumn/Winter Style Essentials For Gentlemen

The Male Stylist

The first day of Autumn arrived this week and slight chill in the air is a sign of the colder seasons ahead. However, rather than letting the rain and ice dampen their style or freeze their fashion sense, you can incorporate a few necessities into your wardrobe that will make facing the elements easier whilst keeping you sharp. We’ve put together 4 must-have items that we think make Winter a comfortable and stylish season, even when the weather turns against you.



We’re not talking about those tiny plastic ones that struggle against a light breeze, or the huge golf umbrellas that are covered in unsightly advertising, we’re referring to a gentleman’s umbrella. A good gentleman’s umbrella looks just as sharp under a heavy shower as it does in your hand as you walk to work on a crisp winter morning. The three factors we recommend looking for in a…

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My Favorite Fall & Winter Footwear

Natmari's Corner

Now that the weather is getting cooler (it was so cold and windy today) I get so happy about wearing my fall and winter shoes. If you want to check out what else I like about autumn check out my autumn appreciation post. I pretty much wear the same shoes all year. Just last week I was talking to my aunt about going shopping for some new shoes. So I checked the internet, Polyvore and some of my favorite style bloggers. Now, it’s time for me to go try some on.

I’m not a shoe person. I’m more of a clothing person (especially dresses and jackets/coats.) Plus I tend to wear the same shoes over and over. I like the worn in look (for most of my shoes). Hopefully, I can find what I am looking for in store. I’m picky, especially when it comes to shoes (since I…

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How to DressWe in Autumn to Express Ourselves

Autumn Dress

Autumn is inevitably here and it can be a great inner debate how to dress in a way to express ourselves the best.

This is seemingly simple, since more clothes on us, more varieties reflecting our happiness. However, it is the hotter weather when we can feel more freedom and interestingly, with lighter wardrobe we also feel happier…

So, what can we do now, autumn is here, and yes we can go to parties, proms, balls or an occassional event where we can wear long, nice evening dresses. Beside, our everydays are must be more of practical and yet stylish. And the most of us can not buy the whole latest catalogue…

Autumn-Winter Dress
Autumn-Winter Dress

When we are with close friends, it is normal to wear more comfortable clothes, and if we feel them outdated, just simply use the magic with an extra scarf, beads or even a surprising color match. It will bring the feeling of inner harmony and friends can enjoy our real self more…

Office Ladies Dress
Office Ladies Dress

As the days getting colder, even the running can be chilly, so, it is better to be practical, although really not shabby or just lazy to find a new piece for exercises. We feel better if we look better at running or at the gym.

The key issue for many of us, how to save money and dress pretty, elegant, stylish and variously at the workplace. Well, that is always a question, especially when we are way over our head. Again, mixing colors is always a nice one -no neon please- and also, single colored dressing can bring attraction (imagine yellow day); with darker colors better to use some lighter, too. And well, anytime there is a newly bought piece, do not overuse it, just step by step, replace the older ones with the new…

Long Sleeved Autumn Dress
Long Sleeved Autumn Dress

Well, patterns are another topic, however, keep it in mind: a harsh pink blouse with a silver scarf and white pearls will never go together with a brown, dotted skirt and stripped tight…

And yes, occassional clothing, where we can feel ourselves in the middle of life, appreciation. For that, it is advised to look wisely, the internet is full of surprisingly good offers, like DressWe I wrote about last time.

Cute Dress for Fall
Cute Dress for Fall