What I Wore 10: Salamanca



This weekend all teachers in Spain were delighted to be given a day off by the Spanish government so instead of staying in Madrid for the weekend my friends and I took ourselves off to Salamanca. It has been a place where I have wanted to go for such a long time but just have never got round to actually going. It is such a short journey from Madrid as well. Before our visit so many people had told me that it was one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, they were absolutely spot on. There is so much history and culture engrained into the city it is a truly spectacular place to visit. The food, culture, sights and nightlife is amazing in this beautiful city. It is an absolute must visit if you are going to be around this area of Spain.







What I Wore

Shirt, Jumper, Boots…

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Socks to be you…


Have you noticed lately how much choice there is in the socks departement? Remember the time where the only two types of sock you could find would resume as plain black or navy coton socks or gray and red whool socks? This time is really over cause now you’ve got a whole new fashion statement to explore and to me, this is a lot of fun! If you have a hard time matching socks to your outfit, then here are a few hints for you so you can finally wear the trend as well!

Avez-vous remarqué depuis quelque temps tout le choix qu’on retrouve maintenant dans la section des bas dans la plupart des boutiques de vêtements pour hommes? Peut-être vous rappelez-vous combien il était simple avant d’agencer une paire de bas à un pantalon parce que le choix se résumait bien souvent à des bas de coton noir ou…

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denimRugged, torn, faded or worn out…the fact remains the same. Denims

NEVER EVER goes out of fashion! I bet people of all ages will agree

with me but needless to say for us teenagers, denims are our lifelines

and its durability cannot be questioned. The hours we spend staring

at our wardrobes, wanting to pick the perfect outfit for college but

nothing seems to match or work out for us, we quietly give in to our

favourite denim jeans. We all know that deconstructed look jeans,

denim casual shirts, overalls, tie-dyed and peek-a-boo denim shorts

are creating a crazy frenzy among the college-going crowd.

The upcoming denim trend, which has found its way back from the

farmyards and countryside, is the famous denim OVERALLS or

DUNGAREES. However, though you don’t plan on digging up any

gardens or tending to the farm, let me tell you one can look classy


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How To Look Business Casual

What Nina Spotted

You think  finding a wardrobe that will match your personal style and your business dress code is impossible? Well, it isn’t. Given the fact that even CEOs mix business outfits with casual items today, shows that nearly nothing is impossible when it comes to work clothing. It’s all about combining your pieces the right way and making the look personal and fun, yet sophisticated and formal. Here are some tips on how to get that business casual look!

Basic pieces for the office

  • Pleated Skirts – are a must and should be in every woman’ s closet.  For a business outfit, choose one in black. Not only does black flatter your figure, it also gives it a sophisticated, office touch and will blend well with other colours. If you’re a little thicker around the waist, I’d suggest you go with a high waisted skirt that falls loose instead of a pencil skirt. Choosing…

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What Colors You Should—And Shouldn’t—Wear To a Job Interview


So you’ve accomplished the hard part—you’ve landed the job interview—and now you’re freaking out because you have no idea what to wear. You’ve heard the standard advice: Dress for the industry in which you’re interviewing (there’s a big difference between a job at a white-shoe law firm and a tech startup, and your clothes should reflect that), don’t wear anything too fashion forward (you want to be the star of the interview, not your handbag) and, above all else, don’t you dare wear something sloppy or better suited for a night of cocktails with your friends than a serious job interview. But, there’s actually another concern to add to the mix, and that’s color.

CareerBuilder and Harris Interactive conducted a study, polling hiring managers and human resource professionals across industries and company sizes, asking the simple question, what’s the best color to wear to a job interview? Blue was the most recommended color, while…

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4 Autumn/Winter Style Essentials For Gentlemen

The Male Stylist

The first day of Autumn arrived this week and slight chill in the air is a sign of the colder seasons ahead. However, rather than letting the rain and ice dampen their style or freeze their fashion sense, you can incorporate a few necessities into your wardrobe that will make facing the elements easier whilst keeping you sharp. We’ve put together 4 must-have items that we think make Winter a comfortable and stylish season, even when the weather turns against you.



We’re not talking about those tiny plastic ones that struggle against a light breeze, or the huge golf umbrellas that are covered in unsightly advertising, we’re referring to a gentleman’s umbrella. A good gentleman’s umbrella looks just as sharp under a heavy shower as it does in your hand as you walk to work on a crisp winter morning. The three factors we recommend looking for in a…

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