Aren’t we all Cinderellas?

Work, stress, anxiety, worry, fear, deadlines, tight opportunities, treadmill. It seems, our modern world simply turned to be an established maze of neverending commitments and promises of a better future what has been given only a few. It is no wonder people more and more try to find different solutions to satisfy their inner needs, we are not mere robots, although, so often we are treated like that way.

In the fairy tale of Cinderella, there is a young woman, with right attitude and kind heart, caring to her environment, forgetting her own sadness with finding joy in helping others. Her environment changed in the years, more and more demands and less and less respect, love and care she received, yet, she remained humble. Her pure heart was the foundation for a rare good deed, secretly she could join to the ball in the palace. As she was dancing, she immersed herself into the happiness and let the pain go away from her heart. When she returned to her place, the once lady turned back to ever slave. Fortunately, the goodness, another kind and loving heart reached out for her, fortune was granted, internal and external happiness, a new life she had.

New Arrival Fashion Martin Boots 2013
New Arrival Fashion Martin Boots 2013

In our every day lives we are like Cinderella, a demanding and often unrighteous environment makes us to forget who we really are, cornering our once great desires, hopes and simplifying our joyful and happy moments, purposes in life. If we give up, we become slaves. However, Cinderella never gave up, she could nurture her true nature, and when the time -unexpectedly- arrived, she reached out for happiness. Wherever we are, whatever we work, there is still hope for the better future, and it is only up to us to live for it and reach out. And as the fairy tale ends, to say “yes” in the right moment.

Fancy Genuine Leather Flat Heels Closed-toes Women‘s Boots
Fancy Genuine Leather Flat Heels Closed-toes Women‘s Boots

So, be positive, keep in touch with your true selves, and since the weather is changing with the season, visit Dresswe’s cheap women boots, and hopefully, you will not loose the half of the pair. Or at least, your prince will see ankle boots online for women on Dresswe.

It is always good to be surprised and receive love, kindness, respect and care. Stay tuned!

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