Dreams and Nights Out (and Dresswe prom shoes)

2014 Fashion Sexy High Heels Prom Shoes

Do you remember Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta? In that movie we get to know the gray, everyday life of a young man, who lives mostly for the time when he can dance. In the dancefloor he transforms into a whole being, start to live, not only exist as the other parts of the week. Looking at his face, it is clear, the stress, anxiety all gone and only that very moment is important in what he can be a completed person.

Certainly, the next day comes, then the weekdays, the usual treadmill what we all know too very well. So, how can we be happy? There are the ones, who take pills, drink or something similar for immediate joy. There are the others, who try to find hobbies and escape into the world. And also there are the ones, who go for hiking, since the Nature always enriches us. Where can be the balance not to be addicted to something, yet being happy and joyful in the everydays?

Sexy Black Butterfly Cut-Outs Stiletto Heel Ankle Strap High Heel Shoes
Sexy Black Butterfly Cut-Outs Stiletto Heel Ankle Strap High Heel Shoes

A good film? Eating out? Wathcing a contest in TV?

What if, there is something we long for so much, we feel the fire and compassion all week long? What if, there is something for that even to think of, every minute we spend even with the most challenging work will turn into an easy breath, like we were already in that place, that time we are so much into?

New Fashion Gorgeous Contrast Colour Pointed Toe Heels Prom Shoes
New Fashion Gorgeous Contrast Colour Pointed Toe Heels Prom Shoes

Maybe it is a Wednesday night, maybe it is a Friday or Saturday. Maybe it is related to dance, people, chat, a real freedom where we transform into our real self, abandoning the pressure and worries. We live for that very moment. Carpe diem!

If it is a prom night, a party, a dance hall, you might think to check Dresswe. It offers a great sale of high heels prom shoes online, literally worthy. Even to look at it, we can go back and forth in time and space, nurturing our dream and desire for the moment we can be completed and free. Prom shoes for women from Dresswe, for practical reasons.

Our dreams are not merely dreams, they are promises we can make true.

Stay tuned and have a Blessed Day!

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Socks to be you…


Have you noticed lately how much choice there is in the socks departement? Remember the time where the only two types of sock you could find would resume as plain black or navy coton socks or gray and red whool socks? This time is really over cause now you’ve got a whole new fashion statement to explore and to me, this is a lot of fun! If you have a hard time matching socks to your outfit, then here are a few hints for you so you can finally wear the trend as well!

Avez-vous remarqué depuis quelque temps tout le choix qu’on retrouve maintenant dans la section des bas dans la plupart des boutiques de vêtements pour hommes? Peut-être vous rappelez-vous combien il était simple avant d’agencer une paire de bas à un pantalon parce que le choix se résumait bien souvent à des bas de coton noir ou…

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Your partner in life: your handbag (and there is a Dresswe sale, too)

Delicate Concise Grid Design Lady s Bags

You can stuff it. It can be ornate. You express yourself with it every day. As a last resort, it can be your cushion during a long waiting. You love carry it, even it is almost empty.

Yes, your handbag. Sizes, materials, brand, colors all vary, the key component is its durability. Although, you see it as a fashion expression, your attitude and reaction towards the latest trends and people around you, in the practical, everyday life, you just simply use it as a handbag, too. It is just simple, since all the commercial bags, the plastic ones, well, tell everything about you. There is no self-esteem walking around with nylon. You reliable, durable and fashionable handbag simply hides everything from the eyes, almost like an endless part of the Universe.

New Tide Female Leopard tassels Single Shoulder Bag Retro Handbags
New Tide Female Leopard tassels Single Shoulder Bag Retro Handbags

When you go out, it is just so easy to pick it up, knowing, every possible thing is inside, from the comb to the toothpaste, papers to pen, e-book reader and an extra pair of shoes. OK, this latter one a half-joke…

You basically see your handbag more often, touch it more often, need more often then your spouse or friend. Think about it, isn’t it so? Without a doubt, your handbag is always around. It seems to be a mutual dependency. You determine its existential purpose and it makes your life easier, more comfortable. Have you ever felt you left it somewhere? Do you remember your first, initial response, the desperation and helpless loneliness without it? Like your life is in that very piece? Sometimes, your handbag is like your soulmate, being with you, silently, supporting and carrying your burdens, keeping inside your privacy….

Elegant Style Grid Design Handbags for Women
Elegant Style Grid Design Handbags for Women

Recently, I checked Dresswe handbags for women and I was amazed by the wide range of them. Colors, materials, styles all vary seemingly endlessly there. As usual, cheap handbags of Dresswe are in high quality, the very thing what makes us wondering on and on at their site…

Our lifemate can be a practical handbag, but better to have lifemate who carries our burdens and inner self, too, every day with trust and love.

Stay tuned and Have a Blessed Day!

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Best Deals on Cyber Monday at Dresswe

Dresswe Cyber Monday

Let’s stop for a while. Here. Now.

One of the best deals are at Dresswe.

Although, I have regularly check their site, just see some photos here what are for their probably greatest sale up until now.

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Maybe it is late. Maybe our purse or wallet has already served way too much the Christmas, Thanksgiving, and obviously Black Friday – all beside birthdays and special occasions. Everybody likes pleasing herself (or himself), when the celebrations, anniversaries and holidays are coming, well, we wish to be Darius or at least to have a key to his treasury.

I think, you all familiar with the feeling of counting, calculating, hesitating, measuring, recalculating, swinging between decisions, and helplessly wonder time to time, how to sort out everything. OK, maybe this is true not only for shopping and buying presents (what actually we should also make ourselves, at least something beside the “big” one; that time spent with creativity really show our heart and dedication towards the very person for whom we are willingly go against our clumsy self…), and sometimes, it is easier to step back a little bit, and see everything through. Or at least to try. Friends are not always available to help us out with attentive listening, similarly, we might not be attuned constantly to each other. All in all, let’s step back, and just check the cyber Monday deals 2014 from Dresswe.

Elegant V Neck Straps Beading Ball Gown Wedding Dress
Elegant V Neck Straps Beading Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Everyone can find tons of interesting, unique, marvellous, long-desired clothes, dresses, shoes, accessories all around, even in the internet. Everyone can find discounts, sales, promotions. However, it is rare and unique for this sale on Cyber Monday, all the high-quality, all the well-known standards and reliability with this prices. Honestly, everyone’s purse or wallet becomes capable for a great tour, fortune and reward. Here. Now.

Sometimes great promotions can support our inner self, too.

Stay tuned and Have a Blessed Day!

Dresswe Cyber Monday
Dresswe Cyber Monday



denimRugged, torn, faded or worn out…the fact remains the same. Denims

NEVER EVER goes out of fashion! I bet people of all ages will agree

with me but needless to say for us teenagers, denims are our lifelines

and its durability cannot be questioned. The hours we spend staring

at our wardrobes, wanting to pick the perfect outfit for college but

nothing seems to match or work out for us, we quietly give in to our

favourite denim jeans. We all know that deconstructed look jeans,

denim casual shirts, overalls, tie-dyed and peek-a-boo denim shorts

are creating a crazy frenzy among the college-going crowd.

The upcoming denim trend, which has found its way back from the

farmyards and countryside, is the famous denim OVERALLS or

DUNGAREES. However, though you don’t plan on digging up any

gardens or tending to the farm, let me tell you one can look classy


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Wedding in a Beach? – A once in a lifetime moment and a Dresswe shoe

Fashion Elegant Flower Platform High Heel Wedding Shoes

Beautiful, isn’t it? The sun is setting down, the blue sky touches the calm ocean at the end of the eyesight, white doves are on the chapel, the marvellous colors of the summer afternoon make us believe as it was a dream. Family and friends are happily talking and light classical music, a waltz is tempting us for spinning around in our once in a lifetime dress, in once in a lifetime shoes, in our once in a lifetime moment. All this, like in neverending movie, we feel the eternal ease, joy and happiness…

Luxurious Diamond Pearl White Flowers Closed Toe Stiletto Heel Wedding Shoes
Luxurious Diamond Pearl White Flowers Closed Toe Stiletto Heel Wedding Shoes

And then, we wake up. This is the very same desk in our very same workplace, with the very same bosses and way too well-known extra hours. The sky is overcast and it seems, even our own personal space is at least as gloomy as the heavy clouds. Instead of birds, the big city noise, endless ocean of traffic on the way home, it is like our own body is a part of the polluted city.

Now, the dream is far away, like an old fairy tale and we are not even sure in every details. Our own, special, once in a lifetime ease, joy and happiness, the atmosphere of everlasting joy is a mere desire. Our wish to be there seems impossible.

Then, all of a sudden, a friend calls, the beloved one touches and even the flowers start to smile to us. Again, the big city noise changes and we hear the ocean again, the waves of fresh air, and the love of Nature all around. As our dream comes back, and we go back to our waltz, our heart becomes easy. What should I wear? The clothes in my dream, how can I buy them?

Beautiful Pink Stiletto Heels Peep toe Prom Evening Shoes
Beautiful Pink Stiletto Heels Peep toe Prom Evening Shoes

I just searched the internet and found fantastic white wedding shoes from Dresswe. Since I wanted to present the once in a lifetime moment in my dreams, I searched also beach wedding shoes from Dresswe. They look magnificent and are on great promotion, sale.

It is good to revive our dreams.

Stay tuned and Blessings to All of You!

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How To Look Business Casual

What Nina Spotted

You think  finding a wardrobe that will match your personal style and your business dress code is impossible? Well, it isn’t. Given the fact that even CEOs mix business outfits with casual items today, shows that nearly nothing is impossible when it comes to work clothing. It’s all about combining your pieces the right way and making the look personal and fun, yet sophisticated and formal. Here are some tips on how to get that business casual look!

Basic pieces for the office

  • Pleated Skirts – are a must and should be in every woman’ s closet.  For a business outfit, choose one in black. Not only does black flatter your figure, it also gives it a sophisticated, office touch and will blend well with other colours. If you’re a little thicker around the waist, I’d suggest you go with a high waisted skirt that falls loose instead of a pencil skirt. Choosing…

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